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Legend of the Great Saint 149

Chapter 149 Thousands of Flesh and Blood


Among the demons, the supreme ones are called “Great Saints.”

A young man leaves his mountain village and travels around the world. By unceasing efforts, he finally becomes a legend of the age.

Ann reached out hands, then hundreds of white bones flew to his front and gathered into a tight ball.

Quenched bone was gushing up swallowing the white bone ball and the surface of the white bones gradually melted.

Ann put his hands together and his eyes and nose looked at the heart, but everything was empty, no eyes, no nose and no heart. He Recited the Buddhist Book Secrets, but couldn’t make any sound.

In this extremely bizarre and horrible scene, he had a whole system of solemnity and grandeur, and there was no evil spirit.

The process of melting the bone ball was extremely slow, but under the drive of Ann, the quenched bone was getting stronger and stronger.

Unconsciously, it was half a month later. After learning alchemy that night, Qian Rongqi visited the door several times, but after all, she couldn’t get anything from Li Qingshan, and she hurried back to Jiaping City, leaving only one sentence, Waiting for you in Jiaping City.

The peaceful life of Li Qingshan was finally broken.

After the collapse of the rule of the ancient city by the Qian family, it was not allowed to turn the ancient city into a happy paradise for living and working. This world was not a fairy tale world where everyone lived happily together.

When the cat is away,the mice will play, and the martial arts people who were originally suppressed by the refiners began to show up, and competed for the site. Every day, for each brothel, the battle on the street was repeated. The assassination of the dark was even more numerous.

On this day, Li Qingshan went to a restaurant he often came to, and ordered a delicious dish. When he started eating, there were big groups of people coming in and expelling all the diners. It seems to be the head of the two major gangs in the west of the city, chosen to negotiate here.

A strong man came to Li Qingshan’s desk and said impatiently: “Have you finished? Fuck off!”

Li Qingshan looked at the brawny, and the dishes on the table. He shook his head firmly: “Not yet.”

The strong man said: ” Don’t pretend to be a hero, these days, I had killed many people.”

In the face of this threat of no nutrition and no deterrence, Li Qingshan couldn’t even raise his anger, and lamented that it was too lazy recently.

The brawny was angry and did not hesitate to shoot, just as the appearance show, his mind is simple and limbs are developed, no, his limbs are not well-developed.

The strong man flew out of the store and collapsed a wall. But a strong man fell, dozens of strong men stood up, shouted a few tough words that were equally nourished, swarmed, and then flew out.

The rest of the people, just like suddenly opened up, stood there in battle, watching Li Qingshan finish the meal, put the meal on the table, walked out of the store door and said to himself: “What calm life, if without power, it’s not a good meal to eat.”

The two gang leaders, at this time, surrounded by their own people, from the two sides of the long street, in order to express their contempt for the opponent, they chose to late, but just happened blocked Li Qingshan in the door, or, was blocked by Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan just walked down the steps of the store door, looked up to see the sky haze, the summer was about to pass.

“who are you!”

Li Qingshan said in his heart, the boss was different, but at least he could ask the origin and name of the opponent. Of course, this was probably he overestimated the each other, dozens of strong men on the ground, but they could play a role.

“Eagle Wolf Wei Li Qingshan, you, as their boss, attacked the Eagle Wolf on the street, the sin is not tolerated, today you will be summarily executed… forget it, my killing intention is not very vigorous recently, lucky dog.”

With the words of Li Qingshan and the rising momentum, the faces of the two bosses were pale, and the name, even if more than ten years passed, would not be forgotten by the people of the ancient city. How did I meet this man?

When Li Qingshan said “you will be summarily executed”, their knees fell softly to the ground, and even saying anything for mercy, closed their eyes to death. However, Li Qingshan’s tone and momentum suddenly fell, like a singer can’t sing high-pitched, but he chosen to give up.

The two bosses, looking the figure disappeared, only under the help of their hands, face to face, it was all fortunate after the robbery. Finally, due to this experience, two people released their former suspicions, drank the wine, and jointly formed a new gang.

Li Qingshan returned to the mansion and patted his cheek in the mirror: “To cheer up, Li Qingshan!

Suddenly he understood the master mentality, such as “You are not worthy of me to shoot”, but immediately made up your mind to put this mentality away, you were still a low-level refiner, far from being able to do this. Well, who’s going to mess with me in the future, I would go up and step on it.

Li Qingshan turned his eyes to sinkholes, Ann, still not good?

He had already missed Jiaping City and missed Zhuo Zhibo.

There was pressure to be motivated. Compared to this dull and boring day, he would rather choose a strong enemy and try his best to kill a bloody road. But this time, should be able to give him a surprise.

Although it was a little lazy, but in the past half of a month, he did not suspend practice. Nearly two hundred condensate pills swallowed his stomach. Not only did the demon gas rise, but the realm of the second layer of refining was also solid, and it was full and pure. In the Yangshuo vein, the stream was constantly flowing, and also touched the fifth edge of the “Congenital Refining”.

In the sinkholes, the huge white bone ball had been melted and melted into a pure white crystal ball, but it can be seen faintly, it was a very embarrassing gimmick.

Hundreds of white bones were only made into the rosary of this one. Ann would swear at the fingertips, but to make a pair of skull beads, at least fourteen. The white bones are so difficult to refine.

But this was also the reason why An chosen the “sacral rosary” as the first piece of the sword. Everything recorded in “Zhu Yan Bai Gu” had a great power of heaven and earth. It was not his realm that could be refined.

The sacral rosary could be refining one by one, not one-time refining, and it could be gradual.

Ann held the rosary in the palm of his hand, feeling with his heart, as if this rosary was not a spiritual device, but a part of his body. The truth was similar.

The flame in the sinkholes was extinguished and returned to his head, the remaining two flames were burning. He walked through the soil and followed the breath of Li Qingshan, left the sinkholes.

Without the support of the invisible force, the soil layer above the sinkholes collapsed. The next day, someone discovered that the bones of the Qian family were missing and became a mystery.

In the darkness, Li Qingshan smiled and opened his eyes and said, “Ann, okay?”

A crystal-like skeleton, standing in front of him, the flame in the eye socket, red and white met.

Li Qingshan touched his head: “It’s much prettier.” From the perspective of skeleton.

Ann opened his hand and offered a sacred rosary.

Li Qingshan picked up the rosary: “What is this?” Rosary suddenly took off his hand and flew in the house, drawing a white shadow, with a series of broken sounds, the speed was not slower than Zhou Wenbin’s flying sword.

Li Qingshan stunned: “This is a … spirit?” And at least a medium level spirit.

Ann smiled, the bone finger moved, the air of the rosary, suddenly rising in the wind, turned into a big skull smashing the jaws, liked a strange smile, saw the same red in the eye socket White two-color flame.

The child got a good thing, of course, to show off to the closest person.

When Li Qingshan learned about the cause and effect of the refiner, he couldn’t help but sigh again. This “Zhu Yan Bai Gu” was really good. The Bone Buddha was really thoughtful. If there were no weapons, the magical spells were strong, and they were still suffering from the enemy.

These white bones spirit, were closely related to the body, and they are well-manipulated, such as the arm to manipulate the fingers, you can do anything you want, and the power is better than the ordinary spirit.

It was not very accurate to use the term “white bones spirit”. Even if it was a single rosary, it was not only a spiritual level, but because the realm of Ann was too low and the materials were insufficient, it could only be temporarily refining to this extent.

Although the skull beads was the easiest to refine, it was not the weakest. A string of sacral rosary, the fourteen were the least, there were eighteen, twenty-one, up to 1,080, ten grades. It could be used to bind the Buddha and the magic was endless.

Li Qingshan once again expressed his admiration, and then asked the most concerned thing: “Do you have any feelings, how many sacrifices are needed in order to restore the flesh.”

Ann bowed and used his finger to calculate, then raised his head and extended a finger.

Still need thousands of flesh and blood!

Li Qingshan said: “The task is very difficult, but finally there is a hope, then let’s go to kill!”

When he stretched out a finger, he was destined to have a thousand evil people disappeared in the world.

At night, Li Qingshan went to the county, and asked the county to ask for the money to sell the house. Although it was an emergency sale, there were as many as two million. He could go to Zhou Wenbin to change ten gas pills.

Didn’t even wait until the next day, Li Qingshan took Ann, and went out of the city overnight. He didn’t look back at the ancient city behind him, and he didn’t plan to come back.

In the lotus pond at the mountainside, a red dragonfly swam freely and rocked the blue lotus. Today’s fate, I didn’t know how to see you.

In the night, Li Qingshan walked in the air and took a straight line. In the days of dawn, he rushed to Qinghedu, boarded the dragon boat, and once again flowed down the river and went straight to Jiaping City.

In Jiaping City, Zhuo Zhibo said: “Did he really defeat Qian Yannian?”

Qian Rongzhi said: “Yeah, I also think it is unbelievable. Qian Yannian are old and weak, and it is too useless. He does not expect that Li Qingshan was a refiner, and he only made a moment. It seems that only you have taken it yourself.”

When Qian Rongqi left the ancient wind city, in order to take away the spirit of the furnace, the car was slowly moved, and it was just returned to Jiaping City.

Zhuo Zhibo immediately summoned her to confirm the news from Diao Fei. Li Qingshan not only did not die, but defeated a five-layer refiner.


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