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Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort 294

Chapter 294 True Feelings During Twenty Years

At that moment, Xiao Xu thought his heart was broken with a hole, and it was not the cold wind which poured in but warm lights.

He suddenly discovered that the thing he had been finding for nearly two decades finally found in her.

He used to think that he was too far from the warmth.

But he didn’t expect, in this little girl, he saw the warmth that he had never experienced before.

“Little girl, if you don’t want me go, then you have to wake up soon!” Xiao Xu clenched her hand tightly, and suppressed his bitterness and worry between the throat.

If God had tortured him for so many years and finally let him go, then please don’t take her away!

Now that she had came here, he will not let her go!

Like feeling the familiar atmosphere around him, Chu Qingyan stopped sobbing slowly and fell into a coma.

The high fever of her body was still not gone.

After an hour, Cheng Yanluo came in and found that the high fever did not retreat, and even there was a tendency to warm up, she immediately changed another medicine, and told Xiao Xu must let her drink it.

Xiao Xu held her pale little hand and answered.

Before Cheng Yanluo left, when she looked at Xiao Xu’s ordinary eyes and there were pains in the eyes, she couldn’t help but lament. This was also a person suffering a bitter life. Forget it, the grievances against him before will be written off. After all, he was an indirect factor. It really had to blame the destiny and fate.

She turned to leave, but saw a man who looked at her in the moonlight.

Cheng Yanluo pretended not to see him, and ready to pass him by.

“Xiao Yan, sorry.” The figure bowed his head and said.

Cheng Yanluo closed her eyes. She had been waited for this apology for six years, but it was too late.

Because her heart was already tired.

How to make a battered heart wait for a relationship which had not yet begin in the past?

She did not stop, and forced herself to go forward and not look back.

Murong Yu, if I can choose, I would rather have not met you.

When the cold wind passed over, the figure gripped her hands and wanted to stop her, but she knew it clearly.

Xiao Yan had already been engraved towards the hate to him, and she will not forgive herself no matter what she says.

However, it was okay that there was hate, if there was no hate, that was the most desperate.

On a moon night, who was happy, who was worried?

No one knew, gave her winter wind and cold moon, who will take a pity?

When Xiao Xu fed the second bowl of medicine, the temperature of Chu Qingyan’s body began to slowly lower.

However, he remembered Cheng Yanluo’s orders. This prescription had used a kind of smashing medicine. No one can guarantee that it would not be repeated in the middle of the night, so that he must pay attention.

Sleeping people didn’t wake up, and time passes by, but let people wait with anxious.

He suddenly thought that when he was in a coma for these days, was the little girl worried about him like this way?

He regretted that he should confess with her that he had already awakened, and she will not let her suffer another fear in her dreams.

There was a slight bitterness in the corner of his mouth. Xiao Xu clamped her hand and slowly to said:” I remember the time when I was in trance, you talked to me a lot, and I will talk to you this time.”

He remembered when he was hovering in the darkness, it was the little girl who didn’t give up, she constantly filling the scenery around him with her words. When he was ready to leave, it was her crying, her wistful emotion, and her deplore liked a vine, wrapped his limbs tightly so that he could not leave, and then waited for the dawn.

“My birth was doomed to my identity. It was the prince of Xi Xuan country, and it was also destined for me to live an unequal life.”

“I don’t understand when I was young, I thought that as long as I work hard, and as long as I became a good man, he will look at me, but unfortunately he didn’t.”

“Later I thought that if I became an irreplaceable person, would they also look me?”

“But as a result,” he said with a wry smile, “I have become a stumbling block in their eyes, a quick stumbling block to get rid of.”

“I don’t understand why everything didn’t go on as the mother said, until the fire happened, the people around me in order to protect me was all killed in front of me, the palace of blood flowing into the river, the burning red fire, at the age of ten, my eyes were red, red blood, red flames, and then swallowed everything.”

“Little girl, in fact, I used to admire the folk children. Although they were not rich, and they didn’t have the servants who were around them, but they had the family that I didn’t have. They can easily beat me through this.”

He caressed her face and smiled. “Little girl, have you already guessed another mission that the father gave me? So in the forest, you are not willing to leave me?”

Not getting the answer from the person on the couch, he was not disappointed, but continued to say. “I originally planned to surrender the remaining military power after I was released from prison. And take you away from the court, but the father took a step in advance than me and put a task. Although all roads lead to Rome, what he wanted was my military power, and my departure, but the departure what he thought was not the same as I thought.”

That he knelt for a long time during night, the father’s treat unjustly, the mother’s disappointment, he pondered for a long time, and suddenly thought of a lot of things.

He had a smile on his lips, but he had no griefs. “As a person with power, you must have a heart that is colder than others, even if towards your own son. And so the object he wanted to support was not me, so I am not surprised, or I had recognized it ten years ago.”

“But my little girl, there are many things in this world. You want to avoid it, but you can’t avoid it. I don’t want to fight for power, but my mother and Liang family need me to fight for it. My mother gave birth to me, and Liang family raised my mother. I can’t ignore them, but in so many years, I have only done a good job for them to balance the Fu family. I can’t give them more things than that.”

“Because I am worried that once I give more, their desire will swell and then out of control,” he closed his eyes. “In the eyes of others, you are not the best, even if you fight for it in many ways but can’t change it. Now that, why I fight for it again?”

My father only cared about the forth imperial younger brother. Since it was impossible to change, even if he did any hard work, it was useless.

“I know that you must quietly say that I should not be so foolish, and should not agree to these unequal treaties, and even should not undertake these tasks.”

“But my little girl, I am a people in Xi Xuan first, and then a prince. If the country needs me, I must dedicate my ability and try my best to punish and eliminate evil, and seek justice for the people and return people a peaceful life.” ”

“I have been alone for so many years and I don’t want those children to repeat my mistakes.”

“But now, I know, I still have you, I am no longer alone.”

Note: I am so moved by this chapter. This is a really great novel I love. I will try to update 1 chapter every 2 days. It will be great if you follow my blog, because I am afraid you can not find me someday. Wish you have a good time. Thanks!


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14 thoughts on “Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort 294

  1. He suddenly discovered that the thing he had found for nearly two decades finally found in her.

    The thing he has been finding for nearly two decades finally found in her


      1. Welcome… by the way…. I spotted another mistake…. the place you wrote “emperor younger brother” you should erase the “emperor” part


  2. awww our little Grinch’s heart grew two times bigger! Love this novel, thanks again for picking it up! keep up the great work!


  3. This is such a bitter realization for him. I’m always surprised more princes don’t revolt. Thanks for translating this novel.


  4. Thank you for continuing to translate this novel!
    But, I hope you don’t mind if I shared a little goosebumps of mine when I imagined Xiao Xu calling her ‘my little girl’. I think it’s better to erase ‘my’ of it, remembering his personality right now has just begin to accept MC in his heart.


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